Sunday, January 18, 2009

My New Terrific Blog Look!

My sweet daughter made me a new header and background for my blog which more closely represents it's title. She used our family's tartan which really personalizes it. I just love it! It has all the elements I love. She is quite talented with computers and just amazes me with all the things she can do. I am rather computer challenged so I would not know where to start with something like this. Thank you, Risa, you know I love it!

Two Lone Roses

My roses are coming back! Here in the Phoenix area it's been in the 70's lately so my roses are coming out. I love the color and the smell. Roses do very well here and seem to love the heat even in the hot, hot summer.

Yummy Hot Sweet Onion Dip

Today the Cardinals are in the playoffs so I decide to make a warm dip to snack on during the game. I found this recipe at one of my favorite blogs he has beautiful photos of some really fantastic recipes. I served it with corn tortilla chips and some Melba toasts. It was very tasty, especially if you like onions and super easy to make as well.