Monday, September 29, 2008

Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.

I love the movie "Everything is Illuminated" because of it's story and also because of the little dog in the movie. It's about a young American man's journey to the Ukraine to thank the woman who saved his grandfather from Nazis during the World War II. There is an elderly man who plays a key role in the movie who names his female dog Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. (pic) after his favorite singer Sammy Davis Jr. The dog looks and acts like our beloved Juicetee who died several years ago. It's hard to watch at times because of the resemblance but yet heart warming. It's a movie you must watch closely to understand it all but well worth the time.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paul Newman

It was so sad to hear the news about Paul Newman. Many years ago I saw him at a race track in Ohio. My girlfriend's brother was a race car driver and we went to see him race. He told us he heard that Paul Newman was going to be there racing that day too. We were watching the racers coming into the track area and a red Datsun (before Nissan) with the letters PLN on the side came by very slowly and the driver waving to us was Paul Newman! So exciting. Such a great man. I always admired him for his marriage and family commitment in the Hollywood world of ever changing spouses.