Monday, June 14, 2010

DIY Acrylic necklace

What you need:
One pack small clear faceted beads, approximately 1/4" in diameter.
Two packs of larger clear faceted sort of flat beads.
Stretchy cord.
Super glue.
Thread the beads directly onto the stretchy cord.  Alternating the smaller round beads between the larger ones.  After they are strung and tie off the stretchy cord.  Stretch it out to isolate the knot otherwise the beads will glue to the knot.  Add a couple of drops of super glue to the knot or it will un-knot itself.  After it's dried, trim the ends of the stretchy cord.
The finished necklace modeled by my daughter.
It's lightweight and fun. Love!


Rebecca said...

Hi Millie! Thank you for visiting my blog!!! You put a huge smile on my face tonight! The necklace is so pretty and your daughter is GORGEOUS! Do you sell anything on Etsy?

Isi said...

I would love to follow your blog, but it's not possible =(

plz text me if it's working

greetz from germany!!

Isi said...

Yes, but I can't follow you like you can for example at my site: on the right site the is: reader/follow

Did u understand which follow I mean?