Sunday, July 12, 2009

Marcy's fun birthday bash!

Last night we went to Downunder Wines for a friend's 40th birthday party. We had a great time, the owners partied along with us, a really fun night.How about a little Crocodile Potstickers and dipping sauce? Most everyone said they were delicious. I didn't try since I am a vegetarian.One of the owners brought out a tasting of kangaroo for my husband which he said was absolutely delicious, like the most delectable steak you could have.Some chicken skewers. I loved the edamame and peanuty sauce.Birthday girl and her husband karoke! The wine was delish of course.A pic of my wine with the turquoise bracelet I got with a Mother's Day gift card from my daughter.


Risa said...

OMG I can't believe Daddy tried Kangaroo!! Looks like you two had fun. Miss you :-)

Marcy Pham said...

Risa, your Mom and Dad are so wonderful. You are so lucky to have them. Ive missed them so much. I'm glad they came and shared my night with me. Also happy they got to try a little something different. I love you all so much. Next they are coming out for an asian dinner at my house. All my love Marcy Pham