Sunday, January 18, 2009

My New Terrific Blog Look!

My sweet daughter made me a new header and background for my blog which more closely represents it's title. She used our family's tartan which really personalizes it. I just love it! It has all the elements I love. She is quite talented with computers and just amazes me with all the things she can do. I am rather computer challenged so I would not know where to start with something like this. Thank you, Risa, you know I love it!


Risa said...

oh so fab!! ;-)

Maryann said...

Millie, I love your new look. This is so neat because my bloke and I were just in the kilt makers shop last weekend. We were looking up his family tartan! It was very interesting. Then the shopkeeper asked me my last name, which is English, I thought, because my mother is Italian but I had always heard that my dad was English. But the shopkeeper found my tartan as well! I didn't know my dad came from scottish roots as well!